Tell engaging product stories and
work better together with CELUM

Digital Asset Management, Team Collaboration, and File Sync & Share converge into one revolutionary, user-focused platform.

By truly covering the content lifecycle end-to-end, CELUM allows leading brands to tell engaging product stories and empowers its workforce to work collaboratively like never before.

Brand Content Hub

Transform Brand Content to Brand Equity!

Product Experience Hub

Increase revenue in multichannel commerce

Online Content
Review & Approval

Reduce time to market

Agile Collaboration for
Marketing Teams

Accelerate workflows & improve team efficiency

Sales & POS

Empower everyone to engage with clients & increasing revenue

Enterprise File
Syncing & Sharing

Enable global teams to share files efficiently and securely

Brand Content Hub

Transform Brand Content
to Brand Equity

Find, access and use any rich content from any device or system. Provide brand guidelines, share and integrate content.

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Product Experience Hub

Make product content
an experience
that sells!

From images to video, from slide decks to technical documentation: CELUM merges product and content into an experience.

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Online Content Review and Approval

Visual Feedback, Intuitive Workflow and Accountability

Accelerate your creative process and go-to-market. Intuitive feedback and approval workflows will finish projects faster with clear accountability.

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Agile Collaboration for Marketing Teams

Execute marketing
faster than ever!

Agile project management meets a new kind of workflow with FlowBoards® – making your team and processes more efficient than ever before.

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Sales and POS Enablement

The crucial files at hand, always and everywhere!

Make sure your sales team has the right files at hand – by pushing them directly to their devices. Centrally managed and reliable.

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GDPR-ready Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

Enterprise-grade filesharing with ease and compliance

Enterprise-ready in the back, customer UX in the front: manage your files at scale easily.

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