Tasks, online proofing and file management for teams in one place.


Transparent, agile and easily manageable teamwork.

Visual Feedback Editor

Set a marker directly in a photo, video, or any other common file format and let your team know about the desired change.

Process Management

Structure how your team can move tasks forward and only allow decision makers to approve and forward the task.

Task Management

Assign users to single tasks or make them responsible for all tasks in a list. Set due dates and see all your tasks in the cockpit.


Use predefined templates for your workflows or save boards as personal our company-wide templates.

Manage files

Increase speed by unifying your files, tasks, and conversations in one place.

All Media Supported

Preview and comment on almost any media type, no matter if you work mostly with image, video, audio, or text.

Quick Selection

Get things faster done through a design made especially with the needs of content creator in mind.


Make sure that everyone is working on the most current version and easily reset incorrect updates.

Comparison Mode

Easily compare different file versions to track and visualize progress. Learn more. 


Sync files compliant and safe.

Always up to date

Always carry the latest batch of content with you - on any device. Stop worrying about your next meeting as you always have the latest files with you.

Smart Syncing

Our platform only syncs those files that are approved and relevant for work. Don't carry dead weight or outdated files with you.

Manage what you sync

Define the sync scope and rhythm for specific users or in general. Your are in control to deliver the right files at the right time.

Remote Control

You decide what happens to files once employees or external partners leave the organization or the project. File syncing done right.

Kanban-board as
your kickstarter

Use the Kanban-board as a powerful foundation for your creative collaboration with your colleagues – link tasks, files and people and work intuitively and highly efficient together

Flow with Direction and Responsibility

Does your agile Project needs at some point more governance? Define responsible Users and restrict transitions within the Board – for each column separately and optionally!

Communicate & Collaborate

Discuss with your colleagues directly on a task and even on a single File. Give valuable feedback, set focus with a simple @mention and get notified about any changes.

Integrated in your Content-Lifecycle

Why planning projects on an abstract level – start working directly on top of the content you value most. Turn ContentHub assets into tasks and get decisions reflected.

The power of reliable creativity

We took the essential pieces from both Business Process Management Notation (BPMN2.0) and Kanban boards to design an new breed of workflow. This best of both worlds approach helped us creating a no-code process engine, which allows you to define the way your team works!

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Extend your CELUM suite with seamless collaboration

Why should your planning process and your actual content live in two distinct places? From ideation to creation, from approval and publication: by making the process intuitive and almost invisible, we empower your teams to realize their ideas as fast as possible. With the power of CELUM ContentHub and the artistic elegance of WorkRooms, we‘re offering the perfect product for marketing teams to finish projects faster, in the best quality and with full accountability.