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Blog – Workflows & Automation
10 conseils personnels pour une meilleur productivité
Productivity is one of the major concerns for most managers and key metrics in the modern business environment. You ask yourself why? The answer is quite simple, a high productivity allows you to work less on routine tasks and spend more time on personal goals. We swept through our company and collected the best productivity […]
Blog – Digital Asset Management
15 Content Marketing Tools Your Team Really Needs
In 2020, content marketing is still one of the most important tasks on the marketing agenda of leading agencies and companies. Content marketing tools make this process much easier. We have collected our personal favorites in this blog post, most of which are also regularly used by us. This is our ultimate list of content […]
Blog – Agile Collaboration
7 tools that enabled CELUM to seamlessly transition to home office
During the COVID-crisis the entire CELUM team transitioned to home office following the Austrian government’s mandate. Besides the missing lunch break chatter, we could seamlessly switch to a remote work setup as a company. While for some organizations it is less of a familiar work mode than others, we decided to share the tech stack […]
Blog – Workflows & Automation
Achieve more in less time with Marketing Process Management
Let’s imagine something, shall we? Let’s pretend that you’re about to launch your new marketing campaign. You want to bring all the teams together to work toward the same objectives and help achieve the company’s marketing goals. But how can you do it without knowing what everyone’s tasks and deliverables involve? It’s tricky, isn’t it? […]
Blog – Digital Asset Management
Become the Fastest Uploader in the West with CELUM
Invoke your inner Luky Luke and trigger the save button faster than ever with the new CELUM upload wizard.
Blog – Agile Collaboration
Benefits of content collaboration
“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”  – these words may have been written a good 100 years ago, but they are more apt than ever. Companies are faced with far-reaching changes in their organizational structures: technological networking, global integration and the transition to platform economy require increased collaboration […]
Blog – Workflows & Automation
Better Workflows for Digital Asset Management
With our newest release, it gets even easier to organize your teamwork and manage all digital assets in one solution.
Blog – CELUM
CELUM et Frontify s’associent
CELUM and Frontify enter into a partnership. The integration of both systems also significantly expands CELUM’s brand management capabilities.
Blog – Digital Asset Management
CELUM improves UX for editing metadata in bulk
The Summer release of ContentHub 20.7 added a vastly improved user experience for managing asset information.
Blog – CELUM
CELUM named a strong performer
In today’s omni channel world, a Digital Asset Management solution is so much more than just a place to store your files. A DAM system is now a business-critical piece of any enterprise martech stack, making it easier than ever before to create, manage and share content with peers, partners and all your other marketing platforms. With […]
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Rationalisation de la création de contenu et de la gestion des actifs, simplification de l'épreuvage en ligne et de la collaboration, pour faciliter une expérience d'exploration du contenu qui séduise votre public.

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Pourquoi CELUM

Une plateforme permettant aux marques internationales de gérer leur contenu numérique, de mettre en œuvre des stratégies marketing omnicanales et personnalisées, et de surmonter la complexité des actifs produits, des audiences, des intégrations, etc.

Digital Asset Management

Spécialisé dans la maîtrise de la complexité des actifs, des audiences, des intégrations et plus encore.

Gestion du contenu des produits

Centraliser, connecter, gérer les actifs des produits en vrac.


Créer des composants de contenu structurables et des portails.

Collaboration de contenu créatif

Créer des flux de travail. Contrôler qui voit quoi. Donner un retour d’information concis.

Application mobile

Accès au contenu en déplacement grâce à l’application mobile. Synchronisation et partage de fichiers conformes au GDPR avec Drive.


Plus de 100 applications et extensions accessibles via des intégrations.