Customer Success: Ensured

CELUM is your consulting partner when it comes to implementation of projects with our solutions. Working directly with our customers or together with our implementation and technology partners, we offer various services to ensure a successful project implementation.

Your Advantages

Direct contact to CELUM product development

Access to a large partner network for optimal and specific support


Deep industry know-how

More than 800 successful customer projects

Sustainable, long-term customer relationships

Our Approach: Agile DAM

Scope of Our Projects

    • Standard Multimedia Database
    • Conversion Automations for Images & Videos
    • Print Publishing
    • Web-to-Print
    • Product Content Management
    • Creation & Approval Processes
    • Press & Media Portals
    • External Uploads (e.g. Agencies, Services Providers)
    • Integrations: PIM, ERP, CRM, Web-to-Print and others
    • Highly automated delivery to CDN Systems, Websites, Portals

    Our Consulting Services

    Management Consulting

    It takes vision to tackle the complexities of Enterprise Multimedia Management. Our consultants help to craft sustainable business strategies by drawing on years of practical industry knowledge and a keen understanding of market requirements. You can trust CELUM teams to transform your ideas into agile projects that simplify and automate your marketing processes.

    Program & Project Management

    Most of our consultants are IPMA (c) certified.  Profound project management experience is guaranteed. But it’s CELUM’s holistic approach to the vision and phase-by-phase roll-outs that drive every client success.

    Analysis & Design

    Workflows, Data Modeling, Rights Models, Integrations, Sizing

    Based on your needs and our profound market knowledge, we create technical specifications and designs or we work according to our “Agile DAM” approach. The aim is to create a holistic view of your needs and to break objectives down into individual project phases, thus creating the basis for a successful implementation.

    Creation of Technical Specifications & Designs

    First, we analyze your business requirements with our design elements (Data Modeling, Conversions, Workflows, Integrations, etc.). Then, we bring the data to life creating the basis for the subsequent implementation of our standard products.


    Our "ideal" approach: After determining the essential requirements, we develop a prototype using the “Agile DAM” principle. This quick snapshot of the future solution gives users a chance to intervene in the system design at an early stage.  This ensures short implementation times, high user acceptance, and targeted solutions.

    Data Stream Analysis

    Often underestimated is a Data Stream Analysis the core of a truly successful DAM implementation. Why? Input Formats, Conversions, Previews, Output Formats!

    CELUM stores digital assets in high-resolution, calculates different resolutions for uploads and downloads, and creates picture crops with the desired output formats. This requires a detailed analysis of the customer processes and adaptation to the quantity estimates.


    In most cases, DAM projects are not started from scratch. CELUM has extensive experience with migrations from third-party systems and also with the consolidation of different legacy databases in order to ensure a consistent and clear base for successfully managing your valuable assets.

    CELUM advises in the preparation for an efficient treatment of the legacy data stock. Using our intelligent tools, we can carry out all types of inheritance processes, from simple import up to complex migrations.

    Project Implementation

    After successful prototyping, our consultants implement the solution based on the customers’ specifications. At this stage, all necessary configurations are made within our standard software.

    Our standard product is pretty powerful. For customers with special workflow requirements, CELUM software uses SDK, SOAP and open APIs.  Our platform is flexible. It can adapt to every use case.

    CELUM is always eager to incorporate good project-related solutions into the standard product. This guarantees that in parallel to our product roadmap, the customers' requirements can be included in our standard product; a product that “grows” together with our customer solutions.

    Interfaces & Integrations

    DAM systems are the "single source of truth" within companies that have to deal a lot with product-related content and that have to manage their Brand Identity. Consistent data, images, videos, documents: those are the core items of Brand Identity. Essentially, it is all about synchronicity and timeliness. This is our specialty.

    Through a variety of interface technologies, we create the basis for a consistent appearance across all media and channels.

    More and more projects, products, markets, campaigns, etc. are managed within our solution. To give the user the best possible overview, the CELUM Information Cockpit also provides all necessary information from other integrated applications (e.g. account balance out of the ERP system, contact persons from the CRM, current support calls from the Call Center, etc.).

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