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CELUM 5.11 Release - the new updates & features!

Role-based Permissions

The new role-based permission system brings a lot of benefits for CELUM administrators and users. Administrators now have a single touch-point for defining roles and permissions in the Configuration Management.

The role assignment is done in a very simple way directly and locally at e.g. asset collections or folders. This makes it very easy to update and maintain permissions. Furthermore, a transparent overview of who is in which role, ensures that complicated exceptions and inconsistencies hardly can occur.

Benefits of the new permission system:

•         People can be in multiple roles
•         There are NO “denials” but only “grants”
•         Objects get their permissions additively from their Security Contexts

Local Information Fields

With the new permission system in CELUM 5.11, download formats and information fields of assets can be used in a more flexible way. For example, one department allows its users to edit copyright information on assets and grants the view permission to everybody else, while in another department the same users only can view those information. This corresponds more to the organizational structure of most companies and users can be granted not only company-wide access to information fields but rather on a departmental level.

Asset Picker

The Asset Picker is designed to offer an easy way to find and select assets managed by CELUM from other applications like Web Content Management systems or Product Information Management systems.

Based on the new CELUM REST API the CELUM Asset Picker results in a lightweight and brandable user interface that can easily be integrated in other applications to provide CELUM functionality.


The new REST interface now offers an easy mechanism to access assets and data within CELUM. The interface is based on the OData standard, which defines a best practice for building and consuming RESTful APIs. The new API allows an even smoother and more secure integration in external applications like Web Content Management systems.

MS Azure Connector

The new CELUM Microsoft Azure Connector allows you to publish assets from CELUM onto the Azure platform to make use of the CDN or streaming capabilities. The published assets (videos and images) are stored and can be further processed with e.g. the media services of MS Azure for video streaming. The management and control of the published content still lies within CELUM but users can harness the global access and increased performance of the Azure platform.


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What's new CELUM Release 5.11
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