CELUM Release 5.12

What's new - Updates & Features

CELUM 5.12 comes with sophisticated enhancements of the user interface and will ease the work of both, the daily user and the administrator with new features such as the PowerPoint® Slide Manager and new possiblities of the Configuration Management Application (CMA). If you want to learn more about the new release, please join our upcoming webinar.

Multiple User Interface Branding

CELUM 5.12 provides your internal and external users with the experience of your own brand and corporate design. Brand the login page, the dashboard, and the main workspace of the application according to your corporate design. You can even let each different user group (e.g. internal departments, external service providers like agencies, retailers or press/media) get their own individual layout.

Easily manage different user interface profiles by setting a default skin and map it to the different user groups. This can be done very quickly and easily through the improved Configuration Management Application (CMA) of CELUM.

PowerPoint® Slide Manager

With CELUM 5.12 comes a new feature for office.connect and PowerPoint®. Now you can directly add and update slides from other PowerPoint slide decks into a new presentation in PowerPoint® with the CELUM Slide Manager.

The Benefits at a Glance

Keep Control

Let users apply your approved PowerPoint® templates to their content & ensure better brand consistency


Multi Selection

Choose multiple presentations and insert several slides in one go

Stay Compliant

Auto-update users’ slides with fresh content


Update Slides

Easily update all your existing slides or even add new slides to your presentation

Mapping of IPTC/XMP Data

Tagging and usage of metadata are requirements for the professional handling of digital images. The IPTC/XMP standard is a file structure and offers a set of metadata attributes to support professional captioning of images.

CELUM 5.12 allows you to map IPTC/XMP field values of the digital file onto information fields within CELUM. The values are automatically applied to the CELUM information fields when the asset is uploaded. If a new version of the asset is available and the IPTC/XMP values have changed, the information fields are automatically updated. An administrator can easily configure different mapping sets for IPTC/XMP fields which can be assigned to asset types within CELUM. This brings high flexibility and allows you to define context-specific mappings for different asset types (e.g. product shot, action image, campaign shot, etc.). Now the user can not only search for assets using the common information fields but also the values of the IPTC/XMP mapping.

Password Lost Functionality

If a registered user has forgotten their password, CELUM 5.12 offers the possibility on the login screen to request or set a new password. Additionally, the application shows the security requirements and password policy to the user and verifies the new password.

Download Formats Configurator

In CELUM 5.12 the administrator can add, edit and delete formats for downloading assets and provide it users . For each format certain parameters (like size, codecs, file naming, etc.) can be specified. The Extension Filter provides the option to choose the desired source format extensions (e.g. JPG, PNG, etc.) for which your download format will be available.

The newly designed download format overview offers a big advantage for servicing and maintaining the configuration of download formats currently in use. Besides the configuration, the user can also import and export configured download formats to use it on other systems (e.g integration systems).

Audio Formats

CELUM 5.12 offers full support of audio formats. During the upload of an audio file, a preview is generated and linked to the asset. In addition, audio metadata tags will be extracted and displayed in CELUM. A variety of metadata containers are supported (ID3v2, RIFF, BSI, etc.) and both technical (e.g. bitrate, duration) and content-related metadata (e.g. artist, album, genre) are applied. For downloading, the user can configure audio download formats with custom-made parameters.

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