CELUM Release 5.10.3

What's new

CELUM 5.10.3 Release comes with 3 main topics – Statistics, Image Editor and hybris.connect 1.3!

Image Editor

As of CELUM 5.10.3 there is a new default Download Format called "Image Editor" available. When you choose this format, the Asset you want to download is opened in a basic Image Editor which provides the possibility to crop, rotate and mirror the Asset. You can edit and download multiple Assets in one sitting.

Add to Download Basket
Image Editor to JPG

Users can easily get a crop of an asset by just selecting the specific part. If a specific ratio is needed, the user can type in the ratio in the submenu to get a predefined crop mask with the chosen ratio.

CELUM Image Editor
CELUM Image Editor


The new Statistics-Tab contains a dashboard and two sub menus. The dashboard gives a quick overview over user and systems statistics. The two submenus – User and System provide detailed analytics on user behavior and system usage.



Each sub menu contains of several widgets providing deeper insights and help optimize your content and marketing campaign. In the categories, the relevant data is presented in three ways:

* A diagram of the relevant data over a chosen period of time.
* Underneath the diagram, the data is expressed in facts e.g., the total number of logins or total facts number of active users during the chosen time period.
* The data is also shown as a ranking, e.g., the users ranked according to the number of times ranking that each user logged in during the chosen time period.

hybris.connect 1.3

With CELUM Release 5.10.3 hybris.connect is now available on CELUM Content Server.

The hybris DAM Module provides you with a wide range of possibilities of various media management. It enables you to centrally manage all media assets and to easily transform them from a single source to the desired output format. It makes it possible to administer media assets as well as product information in the familiar hybris user interface and provides media-specific export functions to support different output channels.

hybris user interface
CELUM Media Asset Management

The consistent browser-based user interface ensures a seamless user experience. All of this is possible thanks to the interface to the CELUM Media Asset Management application.


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What's new CELUM release 5.10.3
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