Brand Portals

Deliver Brand Content to Anyone, Anytime

A well built Brand Portal gives internal and external users quick access to key branding rules and content - logos, fonts, subjects, audio, video and access to physical branding material. The last place your people should look for a high-res logo of your organization is Google! The more access your organization and partners have to your branding materials, the more they will drive brand consistency. That builds customer loyalty!

Key Features

Lightweight, Fully Brandable Portals

Easily build a CELUM Portal for every brand within your organization – multi-endpoint delivery and centralized management.

Web-to-Print Capabilities

Adapt marketing collaterals, edit names and address blocks, change media in print materials – manage everything online and under full brand control.

Rights Management

Manage rights usage, protect licenses and make sure misuse is detected and prevented.

Gather and Distribute

Seamlessly collect content and make it available for different audiences. Send files in multiple qualities and make sure sensitive content is received.



Only with CELUM ...

    • Centrally managed multiple portals
    • Multi Skin Branding
    • Cloud/On-Premise hybrid mode

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