Content Integration

The Heart of Your Content Strategy

CELUM is the central, intelligent hub for all marketing content. It is the logistics center for all marketing and product content as well as related information, flowing to any endpoint system and collecting usage information. A powerful set of API and SDK capabilities allows direct integration in web content management, social relationship management, marketing automation, marketing resource management and any other vital program in the greater marketing technology ecosystem. It is as simple as that: if you run CELUM, you will save money on any other marketing system! Why integrate point-to-point when you can integrate everything to a central hub?

Key Features

Prefabricated Integrations

CELUM includes integrations for the most common user systems. If necessary, use CELUM’s partner network to build new integrations.

Rights Management

Manage rights usage, protect licenses and make sure misuse is detected and prevented.

Enterprise Workflow Capabilities

Automate processes and run complex workflows across organizations and systems.

Content Flow Control

Manage the flow of content to any number of target channels. See if files are available with sufficient quality or rights before they are pushed to YouTube or Facebook.

Popularity and effectiveness analysis

Get direct feedback which content is watched, liked and shared. See which content is used where most effectively.

Only with CELUM ...

  • API and SDK for easy integrations
  • Content Health Monitoring
  • Cloud/On-Premise hybrid mode

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