Social Content Management

Automate publications across social media channels

Simply delivering content to social media outlets is no longer enough. CELUM analytics allows you to get valuable insight on which content is most effective on what platform. It also allows you to fully automate publications to any number of Facebook profiles or YouTube channels. Conversely, if you need to take content offline immediately or at a certain date and time, CELUM’s scheduler allows you to do so with ease.

Key Features

Content Flow Control

Manage the flow of content to any number of target channels. See if files are available with sufficient quality or rights before they are pushed to YouTube or Facebook.


Integrate directly with leading marketing automation tools, email marketing or social relationship management tools.

Social Media Control

Control any number of e.g. YouTube channels. If content needs to be off the social web right away or at a certain date and time – no problem at all.

Popularity and effectiveness analysis

Get direct feedback which content is watched, liked and shared. See which content is used where most effectively.

Youtube, facebook, twitter

Integrate with any social network, directly or via a SRM tool. Build your own new connector at any  time.

Only with CELUM ...

    • YouTube remote control module
    • Standard integrations into Brightcove, Cliplister and many other Video Platforms
    • Content Success Measurement

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