CELUM Enterprise Cloud

CELUM Enterprise Cloud (CECloud) is the groundbreaking, turnkey solution that provides all CELUM features without any IT and operational hassles. The CECloud can be up and running within hours, delivering first in class performance, scalability and availability.

CELUM solutions offer global Cloud options powered by AMAZON Web Services or regional Cloud options, that enable lower costs with our identical flagship Enterprise features and performance. CELUM Content Server Cloud edition is available on a per user per month basis, removing any budget contraints.

CELUM Partner Clouds

CELUM encourages its partners to provide tailored cloud services built on top of CELUM technology. In line with our vision to provide a full service asset management solution, we bundle each service in CELUM’s Enterprise platform, marketed under our valued partner brands.  No more add-ons or integrations required.  Additional offerings are scheduled to be launched soon.

Some examples:
>> Aquent majortom
>> Brix easyDAM

Advantages of the CELUM Enterprise Cloud

No technical constraints

No budget constraints

No strategical IT contraints

It is a Service, not software!



No IT involvement

IT departments are usually under a lot of pressure and demanding workloads. No more IT tickets or waiting for weeks or months to get your project started. CECloud let’s you start right away! You create a solution, not another IT project.

Up and running in hours

CECloud works in a prefab mode and can be up and running within hours. All training and preparation will be done on the live system – what you see is what you get.

Maximum securtiy and availablitiy

CELUM Enterprise Cloud means you get world class information technology at your fingertips. CELUM Cloud edition runs in the world’s most secure and reliable cloud centers.

Pay as you grow

It is hard to anticipate how your usage of a vital marketing system like CELUM will evolve. No problem, expand CECloud when and how you need it. We guarantee full cost controls.

Minimal upfront investment

After a short fact finding and analysis phase, we move configure your CELUM content server for you.
The unrivalled usability means minimal training efforts. Quite likely the most cost effective way to run any enterprise content management system.

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