What We Do

CELUM is a global software developer of an Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Content Management System. CELUM is all about how to store, organize and find content, make it available & share content across multiple distribution channels - print, web, social media. And at the same time, protect content and ensure compliance with usage rights and licensing and subsequently finding out which piece of content is most successful. We transform content into value.

What we do and what makes us special explained in 135 seconds:

Making a marketers life easier

Marketing and creative professionals rely on CELUM to drive production efficiencies, manage rights, and analyze data to increase profits and build brands.

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Content, Brand, Experience - Why DAM?

Engaging content steers customers and drives purchases. CELUM ensures a consistent brand message across all distribution channels and provides the rich experience your customers expect.

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Marketing Content Management

The Next Generation DAM of CELUM gives you full control of the content lifecycle: development, creative design, production, delivery, and success monitoring.

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Unique interface, massive Content Orchestration and Integration capabilities and one of the richest feature sets on the market. What are you waiting for?

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