Content, Brand, Experience - Why DAM?

Engaging content that creates exceptional experiences, translation services to ensure a consistent global communication of your products, distribution capabilities that deliver the right content to the right channels & consumers and everything is safeguarded by an automated rights management.

Got an idea why you should consider a Digital Asset Management system?



Why You Should Consider a DAM System

Engaging Content

Engaging content steers customers - Customers drive purchases. Shoppers want control. They research information and exchange insights with fellow consumers. They want to see products, relate to brands, and experience great customer service.                        


Engage - Steer - Inform - Sell. Hi-res, re-touched photography of “approved” product lines; SKUS, product codes, colors, sizes; parts, models, manufacturers, and yes, admirable corporate citizenship. CELUM’s best of breed DAM puts the pertinent product information at your fingertips.

Rights Management

Corporations lose millions of dollars to copyright infringement and license violations. CELUM safeguards your investment. Automated rights management ensures protection and proper use of your DAM’s content. No more legal fees - no more worries.


Best-of-breed translation software is in place to maintain or expand your global business. Audio, text, or non-text based content – CELUM’s partnership with translation industry leaders assures that you can communicate effectively with your global partners.


Web - Print - In-Store - Social Media Channels. How do you deliver your campaigns? Consolidating and resizing files, and navigating multiple independent delivery systems is cumbersome and time intensive.

CELUM automates omnichannel distribution with channel specific derivatives. We offer smooth integrations with frontend systems including WCM, Commerce or POS software. You also get receipt notifications. No more bottlenecks! Simple. Easy. Automated.

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