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27 million digital messages are shared online every day. Marketers must be uber-communicators – nimble, responsive, and quick to adopt new emerging channels. You need tools to speed up large file transfers and engage in 3D.  Smart analytics is a must to understand consumer trends. Social networks are conversational loyalty builders. And intuitive asset management software will keep you from drowning in a tsunami of digital media.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Content Management platforms make it easy for creative teams to tell engaging stories.

CELUM gives you immediate access to high quality digital images and  “approved” content

Integrations with Adobe and MS Office (add specifics), and ConceptShare annotation tools positions creative professionals to work seamlessly in familiar design environments, creating brand messages and innovative stories that intrigue minds and capture hearts; stories that make your customers fall in love with your brand.

CELUM increases content value.  We put your content where you need it … when you need it.                

CELUM organizes, retrieves, stores, shares, protects, distributes, and tracks content use. Instantly push media online or offline; automate website, ERP, and social media publications;  manage rights and licensed content … all from single source of truth tailored to your needs.

The TOP 5 Asset Management Nightmares

Lost Files

“I can’t find the retouched product shot. Check the shared drive; check dropbox. I need it NOW!“

1 Lost File = 100s of minutes in wasted time, creative energy, and resources.



“The wrong video is online.  Call IT!  Get it off NOW!“

Companies pay out millions in penalty fees for misused content. Marketers must know what assets can be used where, and for how long!

Limited Access

“’I’ll review it on the plane. What? Why can’t you send it to my iPad?“

In a competitive market, every missed opportunity is a chance for the competition to take the lead.


Slow File Transfers

“No. The files didn’t come through. What’s taking so long?“

File transfer bottlenecks eat into valuable production time.

User Confusion

“Does anyone make software for real people?“

Efficient, user-friendly software is essential to delivering a high quality customer  experience.

What Makes Brands Succeed?

A Framework for Rapid Scalability

Teams and technology is in place to increase production faster than your competition.


Consistent Global Messages

Product, service, and quality control messages are unified across regions.

Consistent Multi-Channel Marketing

On average, a customer has to acknowledge a brand 17 times to establish brand recognition. Keep your brand in focus - lose the marketing “noise.”


An Emotional Connection

Association with fond memories and shared values.

A Great Product

“We're very simple people at Apple. We focus on making the world's best products and enriching people's lives.”

Tim Cook

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