Marketing Content Management - Next Generation DAM

Marketing Content Management – it’s the Next Generation of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems.

In 21st Century B2B and B2C marketing, CELUM gives you full control of the content lifecycle:  development, creative design, production, delivery, and success monitoring.



Who Needs DAM?

  • Does your work require collaboration among cross-functional teams? 
  • Do you work across regional or global markets?
  • Does your organization anticipate global expansion?
  • Do your campaigns use omnichannel go-to-market strategies?
  • Does your team need solutions to be agile and proactive in marketing, communications, documentation and sales? 

When your answer to those questions is "YES", then you definitely need DAM!

Experience True Marketing Collaboration

Centralized Content Hub

All content in one place, secure, available, easy to find and retrieve. One Single Source of Truth.


Access & Rights Management

Control who can manage, view, and use content. Avoid lawsuits. Automate features to maintain proper use of copyrighted and licensed material.

Content Logistics Center

Get content to creative people; Integrate product content with product information; Push to storefront, digital, print or in-store.


Marketing Collaboration

Collaborate with agencies and creative partners in a centralized hub.

Mini silos - Gone! Dropbox – Gone!

The CELUM DAM Impact - Work Fast, Have Fun!

CELUM enhances virtually every step of the content creation and usage cycle. It identifies and removes bottlenecks to increase productivity, improves workflow effectiveness, supports team building and creative collaborations, which, in turn, boosts work place morale. Work Fast! Have Fun!


CELUM empowers creative teams to access, collaborate, share, review and revise and protect every project lifecycle.


CELUM’s speedy bulk ingestion integrates with Adobe and MS Office tools, delivering downloads into familiar design environments for creative professionals.


Organize, use, repurpose assets, align brands and product messages for distribution to local and global stakeholders.

Manage Rights

Automated rights management ensures safe use of licensed content across local and global campaigns.


New emerging channels expand audience reach. CELUM’s platform supports language translation and automates resizing for multi-channel distribution.


Octane, CELUM’s powerful file transfer catalyst, reliably accelerates delivery of large files; includes automated tracking and delivery notifications.


A new way of integrating content. CELUM allows not only to deliver engaging content to any target site or system, but to receive meaningful feedback.


Automated multi-channel distribution delivers content to targeted websites, YouTube and social media networks. Instantly content recall lets you remove content – One button, One keystroke!


Measure campaign activity and success. Powerful analytic tools evaluate content use and consumer behaviors for full monitor reporting.

The Customer Engagement Content Hub

CELUM is the backbone for any customer experience project. CELUM manages content, is able to create audience and device optimized derivatives.

Strategic Business Model – Impressive ROI

Enterprise Digital Asset Management is a strategic business model that aligns an organization’s goals with cross-functional teams, enhances creative collaborations, and increases production efficiencies. When deployed properly, today’s emerging DAM technologies yield an impressive return on investment.

Impressive Results - Right Away!

  • No more wasted time and energy in exhaustive asset searches
  • No legal fees for copyright violations
  • No production duplication; assets are repurposed
  • Reduced production times with costly professionals / photo reshoots
  • Reduced translation fees
  • Reduced delivery time to market
  • Increased creative collaborations
  • Increased campaign effectiveness

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