Why CELUM? Excellent Product – Excellent Customer Care

CELUM is the world’s only privately owned Enterprise DAM manufacturer. With no shareholders, our global team is free to focus on one thing: client success!  We support over 700 companies across multiple industries in over 35 countries. More than 750,000 professionals use CELUM to convert rich content into rewarding customer experiences. Our Client Success Unit and loyal partners consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations. They trust us to anticipate market trends, adapt technology to meet their needs, consult on industry best practices and truly understand their creative process in relation to today’s highly competitive market.

Why CELUM?  We represent excellence.  Excellent Product - Excellent Customer Care.


CELUM is the only real solution for many multi-national organizations, offering several proprietary business features.

Easy Interface – with Massive Scaling Capability

CELUM’s award winning user interface is sleek, fast and visually appealing.

Easy to brand. No training required. Users can start to work right away.
Still, the UI capably manages complex processes and content structures.

DAM blends with Enterprise Content Management

Multi-Taxonomy and metadata fields and fully customizable. When metadata needs to go beyond simple tagging, CELUM is the only solution.

Access rights controls make CELUM an integrated content and data hub for every organization.


Content Orchestration

CELUM is the only DAM vendor that provides true content orchestration capabilities.

Control the flow and performance of content on social networks and any other endpoint.

Integration Capabilities

CELUM comes with a powerful service oriented API that allows fast and reliable two way linking of content and data and control of processes.

We also provide a vast number of out-of-the -box integrations with leading providers or Commerce, PIM, ERP, CRM and other technologies.

Big Bang for the Buck!

No other Enterprise DAM system, offered at a comparable price, provides such a rich feature set and readiness for the most complex scenarios.

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