Content Creation and Digital Asset Management in One Place

The latest update of CELUM brings an even easier way to work on your content in CELUM Work and manage finalized assets in CELUM Content.

Here is how:

Create tasks for individual assets

While you still can start a workflow from a collection within CELUM ContentHub, you’re now also able to select any assets from the asset list and add them to a workflow.

Add assets to a review process

Monitor a collection in your CELUM ContentHub and let our robot create new tasks in WorkRooms for each new asset added to the collection. This way, you can set up a review flow that processes all uploads automatically.

Use a robot to update or upload finalized assets

You have now much better control over what happens with assets in completed tasks thanks to a new robot for

  1. uploading finalized assets,
  2. moving assets from the original collection to another collection,
  3. or updating existing assets with a new version


in CELUM ContentHub.

See which assets are work in progress

If an asset is part of a workflow, it will display the WorkRooms icon within the CELUM ContentHub.

Furthermore, in the asset detail view, you will now find a list of all workrooms the asset is part of, and a click on the location will take you there. In addition, the modification history will also list all activity related to CELUM WorkRooms.

The same is true when working with WorkRooms, where you will see a ContentHub icon attached to each asset imported from ContentHub.

The features described are exclusively available for CELUM Enterprise and Enterprise Light users. Book a demo to learn more.

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