Creative Content Collaboration

Collaborate on and approve marketing and brand content

Delivering content to market quickly and flawlessly is imperative. Our essential package of effective feedback and approval process, streamlined creative workflows, and efficient collaboration offers a winning combination that delivers results. 

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Why do you need CELUM Content Collaboration?



Slow creation and proofing of different types of content by multiple internal and external stakeholders, who have limited access to existing internal collaboration systems, slows down go-to-markets and brand agility.

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One central, easy to use platform to visually comment on any type of content and collaboratively progress through content creation workflows together. Make briefs, assign tasks to anyone from any organisation and approve content. 

Feedback & Approval

Invite team members, agencies, freelancers or decision-makers to review your work and let everyone have their say with our powerful online proofing features. Easily track the progress of each item by visualising the approval flow with agile Kanban boards.

Briefing Forms in CELUM Content Collaboration


Briefing Forms

Minimise errors and back-and-forth communication
caused by incomplete or poorly documented creative
briefs. Briefing Forms help you properly brief your team to successfully kick-start your creative workflow. Save preferred Briefing Forms for your next project!

I’m impressed with the briefing forms feature — it accelerates our workflow, providing targeted info for content production. This not only enhances speed and accuracy but also reduces errors. A must-have for efficient operations!

Marketing and Communications Director, International discount retailer chain

Approve Any File With Visual Markers

No more guesswork. Share precise and actionable feedback and annotate images, videos, audio and docs with markup tools.

Multiple reviewers can contribute, making creative content collaboration a new and effective way to work.

Clear version management

No more, what is the latest version? Easily update your files and add multiple versions to keep track of all the changes that were made. By default, the latest version will show, but you can always revert back to previous ones if necessary.

Kanban agility for marketing teams

Visualise work at various stages of your process. Utilise Kanban boards as a powerful foundation for creative content collaboration. Keep everyone in the loop regarding assignments, due dates and the current status of each task.

Marketers using agile project management processes are more likely to report success.

Workflows & Process Automation

Collaborate more efficiently and simplify task management with smart automation. Let CELUM Robots take care of mundane things like automatically unassigning you once the task is done. And the best part is that no coding is needed.

Give tasks a direction

All collaboration needs a bit of structure to ensure deadlines are met. Define which transitions are valid and how freely team members can move tasks around. Assign clear responsibilities and only allow certain users to approve and forward tasks in specific stages.

Automate everything with robots

Say goodbye to tedious repetitive work and hello to more time for creating exceptional content. Among other things, robots can automatically set or change due dates, assign or unassign users and restrict task creation or editing in specific stages of your project.

Design workflows for everyone

Create personal templates for a variety of different projects, or choose from a shared library of custom templates from your organisation. Predefine workflows and automation steps based on the type of project and save it for next time to start working right away.

Creative Content Collaboration

Get everyone on the same page regarding the status of each project. Promote faster and more reliable teamwork across your organisation. Merge transparency with accountability and get work done faster.

Provide Users With Appropriate Access Rights

Bring everyone to the table – whether it’s colleagues, agencies, freelancers or decision-makers. Define roles and responsibilities for each phase of your proofing process and move your projects forward with full accountability.

Bring tasks and files together

Say goodbye to files that are detached from your day-to-day work. Manage all your images, videos and docs in dedicated, shared workrooms and link them directly to specific tasks. Content and work under one roof.

The direct and cooperative partnership with CELUM has helped us to digitise our process even further. In doing so, we could greatly increase employee satisfaction and significantly improve our time-to-market.

Dominik Wollenschein, Shop Apotheke Europe

Share Content With External Audiences

Share specific files or entire folders with people outside your organisation. Save time by having the chance to download all files in bulk.

See CELUM in Action

What our customers say about us

Kistler e-commerce
Kistler logo

“With CELUM Product Content Management, we have a central platform for all product-related content. This allows us to create high-quality product catalogues, which serve as the basis for our online presence.“

Christoph Keller
Corporate Program & Project Manager

“With the NovaUI, CELUM has achieved a great success, especially in the area of usability. Acceptance among both editors and users is high.”

Torsten Mühlhoff ABUS
Torsten Mühlhoff
Corporate Projects

Thanks to the integration of CELUM, a central content hub for the RM Group was established across company boundaries and our content supply chain was optimized.

Werner Ammerer
Head of Global Marketing

“Thanks to CELUM, we could save time and money by optimizing the usage of assets across the content lifecycle. We have a clear overview and employees love how easy it is!”

Mia Rasmussen
Senior Product Owner, DAM

With CELUM as our all-round service platform for digital data, we serve our stakeholders optimally far beyond the normal scope and always have the time-limited copyrights automatically in view.

Dr. Anja Strejcek
Head of PR & Communication

With CELUM and SharePoint, we can easily manage the digital assets of our diverse, highly technical products without starting a digital fire.


Joris Gruber
IT Manager

With CELUM it’s possible to uncover and access hidden content treasures for research, teaching as well as public enjoyment of our heritage.

Geoffrey Browell
Head of Archives Services
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