CELUM AI Image Search

Empower your marketers with AI image search

In today’s competitive digital landscape, we empower marketers to achieve their goals. Our platform helps you automate tasks and elevate the creative process from conception to engaging the audience. Create an AI powered content strategy with CELUM.

Visual Recommender

Use our visual recommender to find the best image for your campaign. Similar visual assets provide inspiration for you and your team. For example, if you are planning an autumn campaign, simply select an existing autumn image and let the AI find many more for you. A great way to get your creative juices flowing.

Multilingual Content Discovery

CELUM’s advanced AI enhances search results across thousands of assets. Automatically tag images or videos and translate them into multiple languages for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, CELUM AI facilitates full-text searches in languages that are not directly supported, ensuring you find the right assets effortlessly.

AI Assisted Maintenance

Streamline the quality of your asset collections with AI. Identify and remove duplicates, maintain consistency by reviewing metadata of similar images, and save your team hours of work by automatically tagging your assets or translating relevant asset information for effective and scalable asset management.


Face Recognition

Thanks to facial recognition and text extraction, valuable metadata is automatically added to identify people in images or product descriptions in packaging, making it easier to find assets for GDPR or legal compliance.

Video Analyzer

Extract meaningful information from your videos to derive metadata that helps you search by person, project, visual text, spoken word, entity, topic and more. Use speech transcription and translation to easily add subtitles in multiple languages.

AI Translation

 Automatically translate product descriptions, tags or any other field you need to support your global strategy. This makes it easy to search in over 100 languages and streamline content delivery across multiple geographies.