Rosenbauer values the rights management by CELUM


Since 2004, Rosenbauer has been using the user-friendly CELUM software with its manifold features. Due to the flexible rights management, Rosenbauer is able to reflect different confidentiality levels and simply manage a huge load of media assets from marketing, corporate communications and product development. Users are able to easily retrieve media data on a self-service basis.


MANAGE assets of customized PRODUCTS

Rosenbauer has production facilities on three continents (Europe, North America and Asia). With its world­wide service and distribution network, the Group is active in 100 countries and is a dependable partner of professional, industrial and volunteer fire services.

Rosenbauer produces fire fighting vehicles and equipment for a global customer base and faces a very diverse range of specific products. The products go through a number of steps during development before they are finally delivered to the customer. Since every vehicle is custom-made, Rosenbauer is eager to document every detail in order to create reusable assets for upcoming projects and document the life cycle of their products. Therefore, the diversity of every fire truck triggers the need for a huge amount of different product shots for marketing and technical documentation.

When Rosenbauer implemented an intra- and extranet in 2002, they realized the need for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution as a central hub for all their media assets.

"With CELUM and SharePoint, we can easily manage the digital assets of our diverse, highly technical products without starting a digital fire."
Joris Gruber
IT Manager

USER-friendly content hub

Rosenbauer has chosen CELUM due to its usability in a sense that nontechnical users can easily enrich, manage as well as share assets more efficiently. The file transcoding between varieties of different file formats with a push of a button is another indispensable benefit of CELUM.

Rosenbauer uses CELUM as the central content hub for all assets in marketing, corporate communications and product development. Regarding the constant growth and worldwide expansion of the company, the number of user requests is rising. Internal and external stakeholders can easily retrieve desired media data on a self-service basis.

In order to prevent the unwanted distribution of unapproved assets, Rosenbauer uses a visual approval workflow. All critical assets are visually marked with a CELUM bullet and users are warned if an unapproved image is about to be downloaded or published.


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Rosenbauer is an international group and a reliable partner to fire services around the world. The company develops and produces vehicles, fire extinguishing systems, fire and safety equipment and digital solutions for professional, industrial, plant and volunteer fire services and systems for preventive fire protection. All the main sets of standards are covered by products manufactured in Europe, the US and Asia. With revenues of €1,044.2 million, around 4,000 employees (as of December 31, 2020) and a sales and service network in over 120 countries, the Group is the world’s largest firefighting technology provider.


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