Your next adventure is calling

At CELUM we are always looking for creative and motivated people who have that certain something to join our team in making content work for teams across the globe.

What we are all about

It's a CELUMIAN thing

Our CELUMians are what makes CELUM more than just a place to work. It is a place where you come because you want to be part of something bigger. It means shaping the future of content, the future of our company, and, at the very same time, the future of you. 

It won’t always be easy, achieving greatness never is. It is not in us to give up, we keep trying, we support each other, we push through, and we succeed together. 

So when it comes to finding the next CELUMian, we take extra care to find those game changers, innovation makers, and status quo breakers. Those who are crazy enough to try and change the world. Those who don’t just dream of success, but who get up everyday and make it happen. So ask yourself, are you ready take a step towards your next greatest adventure?

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What's in it for you

  • Flexibility
  • Social
Flexible working hours
Yes, we have core hours, but it's more about getting the job done. Work at your convenience.
Hybrid work model
Want to work from home or from the office? We combine the best of both working styles.
Break time
Need a break? Take some time for yourself in our nice lounge areas to decompress, play some games, or drink some coffee.
We offer standing desks, ergonomic chairs, fitness opportunities, and our kitchens are stocked with healthy foods.
Eco friendly
Enjoy our free e-scooters in our office or receive an annual subsidy of up to EUR 365 for public transport to make your commute to work environmentally friendly and smooth.
Team building
We host semi-annual company-wide events such as Xmas parties and Wokations in Austria to foster team bonding and create enjoyable experiences for all.
We embrace our uniqueness and celebrate diversity through a variety of exciting events throughout the year such as Oktoberfest, Pride, Women's Month, and Movember.
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Our 5 step process

Our culture

We CELUMians live and love constant development and growth. So what's special about us is that I'm always learning new things and can definitely count on the support of my colleagues!
Melanie Schedl Product Manager
CELUM has the right size to let you take responsibility and make a difference in whatever role you have. Also, there is a very special kind of culture here that is way more than the lame corporate events everyone else offers.
Christoph Zaiko Head of Solution Delivery
I have the pleasure of working in an international agile team in which we exchange and challenge ideas, deliver results, and also have fun altogether outside working hours.
Ariana Puşcaş Software Engineer
CELUM adapts to me by providing flexible hours and home-office is normalized. The atmosphere at CELUM is always friendly and fun, team and company events are often and great.
Benedikt Starzengruber Software Engineer

Our locations

Passaustrasse 26,
4030 Linz, Austria

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Aspernbrückengasse 2,
1020 Vienna, Austria

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