Corporate Social Responsibility at CELUM

For CELUM, environmental and social responsibility in day-to-day business operations are not just hollow words. As a globally active company with headquarters in Linz, we are committed to acting in a socially and ecologically responsible manner.

Sustainability at CELUM

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been part of CELUM’s DNA.
We believe that everyone should make a contribution to a brighter future for our planet.


Ecological responsibility

CELUM strives to continuously improve its own eco-balance by taking appropriate measures in the areas of modern communication and environmentally friendly and resource-saving mobility.

Social responsibility

CELUM not only considers itself responsible for its employees and their families, but also fulfils its responsibility to society through selected initiatives.


CELUM pursues the goals of sustainable corporate value enhancement and value-orientated growth through innovation. This secures jobs, enables sustainable investments and meets social and ecological objectives that go beyond legal requirements.

Ecological responsibility


CELUM Campus – a marketing technology innovation and sustainability hub in Linz.

The foundation stone for sustainable energy management was laid with the commissioning of the photovoltaic system at the company headquarters in Linz in 2021. The system has an output of 190 kWp and an integrated battery system with 200 kWh. This means that the company generates around 75% of its annual electricity requirements itself.

At the other offices, CELUM obtains electricity from renewable energy sources and monitors electricity consumption over longer periods of time.

In the area of mobility, CELUM relies on a modern and environmentally friendly vehicle fleet, which is regularly renewed. The vehicles are almost all purely electric. 22 electric charging stations are installed at the CELUM Campus in Linz, 2 at the Vienna branch.


In order to truly save energy in our daily office routine, we pay particular attention to energy-saving labels such as Energy Star for notebooks or EPEAT Gold status when purchasing hardware.

All employees are encouraged to switch off all devices at the end of their working day. To this end, simple power distributors with centralised switches are available.

We also use water- and energy-saving devices in all offices. All offices are also equipped with a granular waste separation system.

CELUM avoids any kind of plastic crockery and cutlery and further reduces the use of paper by handling all internal processes digitally and providing information in digital form. Recycling measures for old appliances, furniture, etc. are standard.


CELUM’s company headquarters is also home to various animal and plant species. In the area around the building in Linz, CELUM is promoting biodiversity by implementing a green space concept. The meadow is not maintained in the usual way, but is left in its natural state for flora and fauna.

The meadow is also home to several bee colonies, which are looked after separately by a beekeeper.

Social responsibility


We value equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and offer equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, origin, religion or other factors. This is reflected in the international composition of our workforce. In total, employees from 20 different nations work at the company.

CELUM practises open and direct communication on a daily basis and has an open-door strategy across all hierarchical levels. The extensive training and continuing education programmes focus on the ongoing professional and social development of all CELUMians. And, in keeping with the spirit of New Work, CELUM naturally offers fair remuneration, company health management and individual work-family balance with various work models.


CELUMians are generous. Every year, money is raised for non-profit organisations and campaigns such as Neighbours in Need, Movember and the Wings of Life Run. CELUM doubles these donations up to an amount of Euro 10,000 every year.

CELUM believes in the power of innovation and research to make the world a better place. To make this vision a reality, CELUM supports the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research with annual donations. In 2023, CELUM donated €5,000 to this important institution in its fight against childhood cancer.


CELUM’s primary objectives include a sustainable increase in the company’s value and value-orientated growth. Innovation is both a prerequisite and a permanent driving force. By achieving these goals, jobs can be secured, sustainable investments realised and social and ecological objectives can be fulfilled above and beyond the legal requirements.


From software development to support services, intensive efforts are made to ensure reliable data protection and information security standards for CELUM customers. CELUM also continuously promotes security awareness among its employees and was awarded ISO 27001 certification at the end of 2023. CELUM puts the highest priority on the continuous expansion of its cyber resilience. Accordingly, CELUM places data privacy and information security on a binding level with its information security guideline.


CELUM’s business model is based on innovation, technical expertise, many years of experience, teamwork and an agile response to customer requirements. For over two decades, the company has been developing pioneering software products for the business success of leading brands. The company’s success is also measured by customer satisfaction.