King’s College London has Recovered Content Treasures with CELUM Since 2008

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King’s College uses CELUM as the central hub for its rich content of 450,000 assets with a 5.78 TB asset volume. Since 2008, it has been used to optimize their research, learning and marketing processes. Numerous audiences have fast access to the requested assets. CELUM made a number of research and teaching projects possible, as well as technical innovations like the reality iPhone app Navigating Nightingale.



As one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities, founded in 1828, King’s College London boasts a rich historical and visual heritage. The ­College’s alumni relations, development, and marketing departments use these valuable assets to ­­ support anniversaries, product launches and brand management.

Marketing campaigns and same-day press releases demand fast availability of new artwork as well as photography for designers and school administrators, which was problematic with the given infrastructure. While King’s used a legacy Digital Asset Management system, most image files were held on a multiplicity of storage devices, usually without adequate metadata. Unnecessary duplication of files was commonplace, leading to the creation of local derivatives of often poor quality.

To boost their processes and optimize their research and teaching projects, King’s College was looking for a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Among other things, it was important that the DAM provides flexibility in the creation of descriptions and keywords, as well as metadata configurability.

"With CELUM it’s possible to uncover and access hidden content treasures for research, teaching as well as public enjoyment of our heritage.“
Geoffrey Browell
Head of Archives Services


CELUM provided the opportunity to impose order in terms of processes, support, training, and metadata. Its adoption gave the required impetus to the long-overdue editing of file stores, and the upload of preferred selections of master images to minimize the use of redundant, non-brand-compliant content. Due to the LDAP connection, numerous users have fast access to their requested assets.

Successful integration of CELUM with tools such as the Archios historical microsite and gallery platform builder has made possible innovations such as Serving Soldier, which uses the CELUM API to publish historical content relating to the history of war and international relations. Additionally, CELUM supports digital access to teaching materials through King’s virtual learning suite and through lecture capture.

The College’s Archives department is committed to technical innovation and has used CELUM to manage content for the reality iPhone app Navigating Nightingale, which allows visitors to London to explore the capital as it would have appeared in the late nineteenth century. CELUM’s versatile metadata handling has made a series of successful experiments possible. As part of a national project to aggregate photographs of the First World War, digital historical content was connected using Linked Open Data. CELUM’s commitment to metadata development is reflected in its decision to provide the internationally-recognized Dublin Core template as standard and to support the bespoke import of heavily-used controlled vocabularies.

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King's College London

King’s College London is one of the top universities in the world and among the oldest in England. It has more than 29,600 students from more than 150 countries worldwide, and some 8,000 staff. King’s has an outstanding reputation for world-class teaching and cutting-edge research. It has an overall annual income of more than £600 million.


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