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Radeberger Group Brings Transparency to Its Diverse Brand Portfolio

The Radeberger Group is Germany’s largest private brewery group. The FMCG company partnered with CELUM to streamline the content supply chain across its impressive portfolio of far more than 40 brands. With a marketing team of around 100 employees over 15 locations, Asset were spread across different regions. A set-up that needed to be optimised within the framework of the digital transformation. The market leader, for whom smart solutions are a matter of course, turned to CELUM to make the management and distribution processes of its digital content even more efficient.



With approx. 7,000 employees across 15 locations, Radeberger Group is one of the biggest players in the FMCG space and leader in the beer market. Their business is international, national, but also regional and above all brand-orientated, with way more than 40 brands and approx. 100 websites. Without a centralised asset management system, content was stored in silos, with no interfaces between the different systems. Asset sharing was based on a time-consuming workflow that still had potential, especially in terms of automation.

Particularly, the sales, marketing and trade teams needed access to high-quality, up-to-date assets for their daily work. External partners were increasingly asking for a centralised solution for content delivery. The central result of the CRM project set up by the Radeberger Group: a content supply chain solution must be part of the overall corporate strategy for digital transformation. With this objective in mind, the corporate group turned to CELUM to find a cost-effective and powerful solution.

"We optimised the content supply chain across our portfolio of over 40 brands using CELUM, enhancing efficiency and productivity.“
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Radeberger Group partnered with CELUM in 2019 to centralise their assets and enable a more modern, collaborative way of working for its employees and partners. The goal was to create and access content easily throughout all departments, from sales operations to purchasing, as well as external partners.

The company opted to use CELUM in their MS Azure Cloud environment, hosted in Germany. The CELUM platform has enabled the company to operate even more efficiently and to further reduce the complexity of its workflows.


Managed brands

APPROX. 7,000

Marketing Employees

SAP Sales Cloud
CELUM ContentLand

All Assets In One Place

Logos, images and marketing materials are now all in one place and the extensive search function makes it easy for each employee to find the asset they need. This is indispensable for a company with such brand diversity. Even complex enquiries that would previously have meant hours of research now usually take less than 5 minutes, which significantly improves collaboration between departments.

Integrate to Collaborate

The CELUM content supply chain platform is the very foundation of a modern way of working and the perfect tool to meet growing customer needs.

CELUM is connected to a number of key systems for Radeberger Group, including SAP-ERP, which enables them to share image data and metadata with their retail partners.

The media portal increases satisfaction of the sales team and external partners, as it enabled them to share information faster and in a centred way.

CELUM Work enables teams to work together more effectively, especially when working collaboratively on important projects such as annual planning.

Future Plans

For the future, the Radeberger Group is planning to extend the CELUM integrations to emarsys, CMS and e-commerce in order to upgrade and automate the content supply chain in the company even more.

Radeberger Group

The Radeberger Group is Germany‘s largest private brewery group. With its unique beverage portfolio of international, national and regional beer brands and non-alcoholic beverages, its commitments in beverage wholesaling, drop shipment logistics as well as beverage retailing and various participations and strong alliances with market companions in newly emerging ecosystems, it is represented in all areas of the beverage market as a provider of holistic solutions.


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