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HOCHTIEF Builds on The User-Friendly and Intuitive CELUM Solution


After spending several years developing its own in-house multimedia-database “mmdb”, HOCHTIEF replaced its in-house system with the standard CELUM software in 2007. Since then the software has been extended by some customer relevant features such as CELUM ContentLand. The average of 200,000 downloads per year and an average of 20,000 logins per year demonstrate the high acceptance and usage of the CELUM digital asset management software at HOCHTIEF.



HOCHTIEF was looking for a digital asset management (DAM) solution that is capable of managing its large number of digital content (images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and PDFs). Furthermore,­ Adobe ­Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office also had to be integrated.

To support its sales, marketing and communications activities, HOCHTIEF needed a content supply chain solution with a state-of-the-art, expandable and centralized media database as well as comfortable search functionality. HOCHTIEF employees from 8 different European countries should work with the content management software. In addition, also about 40 external partners should have access to the central content hub.

After HOCHTIEF has already used the CELUM solution for some time to their highest satisfaction, it should be expanded by a press portal. Moreover, HOCHTIEF was looking for automatic synchronization of their website images with the CELUM database in order to reduce the workload for the marketing staff and minimize sources of error.

"The easy, intuitive user interface and the open architecture of CELUM supports the international know-how transfer integral to our corporate network."
Christoph Schroll-HOCHTIEF
Christoph Schroll
Project Manager Digital Communication Design


In 2007 the in-house multimedia-database “mmdb” of HOCHTIEF has been replaced by the CELUM digital asset management software. Since then, all employees have direct access to the DAM system via the user-friendly and intuitive interface, which greatly facili­tates their workday. For example, users can get automatically informed when new relevant data is available to them.

Data redundancy is avoided by the centralized media database and each asset is ­availab­le for ­multiple purposes, such as presentations, web downloads as well as prepress and can be directly downloaded in the suitable format. Mails no longer have to be sent with huge attachments; the user just sends links to the relevant files and folders. The high level of acceptance and usage of the CELUM solution can be seen by the average number of 200,000 downloads per year.

CELUM OfficeLink embeds the Microsoft Office programs into the CELUM back-end and CELUM CreativeLink enables the seamless use of the Adobe Creative Suite directly from CELUM.

The images of the websites and landing pages are being synchronized with defined object collections of CELUM every 5 minutes. Thus, there is an active and automated exchange of the image and website content with the database.


Downloads per year

Logins per year


Adobe Creative Cloud
Microsoft Office


HOCHTIEF is one of the most international construc­tion groups worldwide. The company delivers complex infrastructure projects. The Group operates in the transportation infrastructure, energy infrastructure and urban infrastructure segments as well as in the con­tract mining business.


With CELUM, you inspire customers with compelling content about your product world. 


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