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Danfoss Drives Company Wide Efficiency


Danfoss A/S, a multinational engineering company based in Nordborg, Denmark, partnered with CELUM in 2016 to improve the content lifecycle of digital assets used throughout the company. Danfoss needed a way to enable its marketing and sales, engineering, product management, and IT teams to optimise the content supply chain for their important files while maintaining brand consistency and security. Today, all 45,000 Danfoss employees around the world have access to CELUM. Read on to discover how the CELUM content supply chain platform enabled Danfoss to reduce time, costs, and complexity, empowering the business to focus fully on its goal of engineering tomorrow to build a better future.



Danfoss’ assets were scattered across the organisation with no overview, making it tricky to find and re-use assets appropriately. The high value of digital assets was not recognised, and, as the company and the number of assets continued to grow, the need for structure and management became more and more clear.

As a global engineering company, Danfoss needed to align its processes and workflows in order to improve efficiency and stay on-brand. Danfoss did have a DAM platform, but it could no longer support the company’s requirements without heavy customisation. They needed a professional partner to support them throughout the transition and beyond, ensuring the new solution was aligned with the company’s specific needs and ahead of new DAM trends. CELUM was the clear choice for this mission, and so Danfoss began working with CELUM in 2016.

”Thanks to CELUM, we could save time and money by optimising the usage of assets across the content lifecycle. We have a clear overview and employees love how easy it is.”
Mia Rasmussen
Senior Product Owner, DAM


The CELUM content supply chain platform integrated seamlessly into Danfoss’ existing cloud solution, Microsoft Azure, and shaped it around the engineering company’s specific requirements. CELUM became Danfoss’s central management and distribution platform for all its assets, enabling Danfoss to reduce system maintenance, eliminate complexity and improve development costs – all while staying on brand and improving security. This helped the family-owned company, which serves customers in more than 100 countries through a global footprint of 95 factories, to operate more efficiently.

Save Time and Money

Desperately searching for assets in different places became history — which is just as well, considering that Danfoss has over 175,000 assets, including product images in several formats, service- and user manuals, technical drawings and videos. The assets are allocated to products and appear in product store catalogues, configurators, document searches on the Danfoss website, and, of course, CELUM Content. With CELUM as a centralised content management and distribution platform, Danfoss was able to find and share digital assets more easily, which helped teams save time and money – especially the marketing department. They were able to move projects along faster, make assets available for repurposing, and eliminate lost files.

Driving Maximum Value

Danfoss knew a content supply chain platform can only be effective if employees actually use it. CELUM’s simple and intuitive user experience helped ensure people would upload and maintain assets properly. Danfoss has stored over 175,000 assets and 500,000 products with CELUM, and records more than 10,000 logins per month. The high adoption rate across departments helps teams align their workflows and foster collaboration.

Future Integrations

Danfoss needed a professional partner that would keep supporting them long-term to drive new innovation. CELUM is already fully integrated into the company’s PIM, CMS, eCommerce and marketing automation. Going forward, Danfoss will incorporate YouTube integration and Shutterstock integration to help them manage their digital assets even more efficiently across different platforms.


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Founded in 1933, Danfoss engineers solutions that increase machine productivity, reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, and enable electrification. Driven by the potential of an electrified society, and powered by the opportunities of going digital, Danfoss is engineering technology that helps the world to get much more out of less.


With CELUM, you inspire customers with compelling content about your product world. 


Live Webinar

How DANFOSS engineers the future of product asset data management.

5 December 2023 @ 16:00 CEST

Join us and learn how Danfoss excelled in the realm of asset management.


Guest Speaker:

Mia Rasmussen

Senior Product Owner at Danfoss


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