Smart automation in omnichannel marketing

Smart automation in omnichannel marketing webinar


Tuesday, 7 December 2021, 10:00 am
Online (in German)

It’s a dream for every marketing and creative professional: streamlined workflows, multi-team collaboration, accelerated content creation, faster campaign iterations, and shortened time-to-market.

But how do you turn this wishful thinking into reality?

Kevin Lang (brix) and Florian Hiegelsberger (CELUM) provide the answers in this webinar and demonstrate them via a continuous real-live application example!

The two experts will show you the path to success: how to use CELUM and some of the many available integrations with e.g. marketing automation tools, PIM, CMS and CDNs to create, edit and route content faster and more effectively and ultimately create better customer experiences.


In this webinar you will learn

  • how to build a modern tech stack to accelerate your digital content lifecycle,
  • how to best leverage your tools in combination with an agile content platform,
  • how to automate, streamline and speed up content creation, management and delivery,
  • how to reduce the cost of content creation,
  • how to ensure faster creation of consistent, on-brand customer experiences across multiple channels.

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Kevin Lang

As a project manager and business consultant, Kevin Lang takes care of numerous projects and customers in the field of DAM. He has longstanding experience with CELUM and the integrations provided by brix IT Solutions. As Head of Business Process Management, he is one of the experts in the field of digitization and takes care of the modeling and automation of business processes.

Florian Hiegelsberger

Florian Hiegelsberger

Technical Sales Specialist Florian Hiegelsberger supports the sales team in technical questions and solution development for the use cases of CELUM customers. With many years of experience in support and technical consulting, he thoroughly understands the CELUM products and has successfully deployed numerous projects and integrations for customers.


Florian and Kevin will walk you through a use case common to many marketing departments: Both photos for the website, product descriptions, brand guidelines and eCommerce platforms, as well as a marketing video have to be produced and published for a new product.

They will demonstrate live how these tasks can be implemented quickly and resource-saving with CELUM and various available marketing and product tools.

You’ll learn all about automated and multilingual tagging of assets or linking to a PIM system and see how to create an ideal online proofing workflow and how AI works with videos. Finally, the speakers will explain how easy it is to turn automation steps that not only guarantee but also accelerate the uniform, brand-compliant delivery of newly created content on various channels from a daydream into reality.



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