State of Brand Management Tools 2024

Brandfestival 2024

Branding needs Influence!

29th of August 2024 at the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA in Düsseldorf, Germany

The MARKENFESTIVAL is a leading industry get-together for brand decision-makers, service providers and media representatives. On the 29th of August 2024, the industry will meet in Düsseldorf to discuss the future of brand management.

With keynotes by SCOTT Sports – on “Consistency as a trump card in brand management” or Switzerland Tourism on the impact of influencer marketing and  stages covering topics such as digital brand management, AI, brand positioning and sustainability, the  MARKENFESTIVAL addresses CMOs, brand decision-makers as well as agencies and media.

As always, the motto is “by brands for the brands”!

CELUM at the Brand Festival


Brand management for industry and retail – efficient brand management even if it is not splashed on every Coke bottle.

Brand management is not limited to glossy consumer brands. Michael Kräftner, CEO of CELUM, will show why brand consistency is essential at every touchpoint and how consistent implementation across the entire content supply chain can put you on a par with alpha brands.

The opening talk by Michael Kräftner, who will kick off the “Efficient Brand Management” track on the Red Stage at 14:00, will be followed by the keynote speech SCOTT Sports – Consistency as a trump card in brand management by Reto Aeschbacher, CMO at SCOTT Sports.

“360° Brand Management – How to?” will be the question put to the experts in the concluding panel discussion.

About the Festival

The Brand Festival (MARKENFESTIVAL) gathers decision-makers who are responsible for the management and positioning of “their” brand in the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA in Düsseldorf for one day. It provides the framework for a professional exchange to maintain contacts and establish new ones. 

  • Digital brands
  • Brand Management
  • Influencer, storytelling & social media
  • Rights & brand protection
  • Retailing & eCommerce
  • Positioning, strategy & brand management
  • Sustainability & climate
  • Market research & big data
  • Martech, adtech & automation
  • Kids & youth marketing
  • Audio & Voice
  • Metaverse & Gamification


Michael Kräftner and Hannes Kollross are looking forward to meeting you at the MARKENFESTIVAL in Düsseldorf. 

Michael J. Kraeftner

CELUM Founder and CEO Michael Kraeftner has continued to engage himself deeply with matters relating to digital product communication and engagement ever since completing his studies in media informatics. He is an industry-recognised expert and regular speaker in the fields of digitisation of marketing processes and the disruption of e-commerce content.

Hannes Kollross

Since 2023, Hannes Kollross has been serving as a CELUM Account Executive, overseeing the development of new projects in the D-A-CH region. Hannes boasts over a decade of experience in marketing and sales for collaboration software.

If you would like to speak to Hannes at the Markenfestival, please book an appointment directly in his calendar.

Sign up for the conference

The MARKENFESTIVAL is organized by ESB Marketing Netzwerk. Registration is therefore only possible via the official conference website. Please find all information about the conference schedule and program as well as the costs for the participation there as well.

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