Save time and work efficiently with CI HUB and CELUM

Do you want to use assets from CELUM when preparing documents for print? Or maybe you need files for creating an online banner? It couldn’t be easier – with the new features of the CELUM CreativeLink by CI HUB it is now a child’s play to manage and use assets for your creative work.

Get tips and tricks in a live demo by Gerd Glaser, Head of Customer Success at CI HUB, and Melanie Schedl, Product Manager at CELUM.

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Gerd Glaser

Head of Customer Success at CI HUB

Gerd-Glaser - CI HUB


Melanie, Product Manager at CELUM, has a strong product and commerce background and has always been passionate to find the best ways of integrating new systems perfectly into system landscapes. Since 2019 she is part of the awesome CELUM team and is responsible for all the standard integrations on the CELUM marketplace.

About this Webinar

In this live webinar, Gerd and Melanie will show you with an easy-to-follow example from everyday marketing,

  • how CI HUB is connected to CELUM
  • how to find assets from CELUM in CI HUB in the structure or via search
  • how to download and upload files
  • which metadata can be used and and how automation can optimize your processes
  • how to keep assets up to date with automation
  • how to upload and link placed images in a more efficient way
  • how to use download formats
  • how to avoid duplicates in CELUM
  • how to improve your Adobe workspace area with scaling, sorting or saved connections


And as a special treat you’ll learn all about the latest features – and how to use them to your advantage!

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