Content Excellence with CELUM and AEM

Make producing content in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) even smoother, more creative and time saving with the AEM Connect and CELUM.

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Patrick Hoetzky

Patrick Holetzky, IT developer at netcare, is a trained developer and consultant for CELUM products. He focuses on the areas of digital media and IT and is responsible for several CELUM connectors.

Patrick Holetzky

Christoph Zaiko

Teamlead Solution Design & Partner Enablement at CELUM

About this Webinar

In this webinar Patrick Holetzky (netcare) and Christoph Zaiko (CELUM)  show you how you can access your centrally managed assets (image, video, text) via search in you familiar AEM environment and integrate them into your publications. Of course, dependent metadata of the assets are also transferred. The assets are transferred immediately in the event of changes and can additionally be secured by regular synchronization.

You  also get a brief insight into the technical background of the connector and the system requirements – don’t worry, you’ll see, the installation is not complicated at all.

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