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Content sells – How to improve online shopping experiences with Digital Asset Management

This webinar is all about inspiration for customer shopping experiences that will make your products stand out from the masses.

We provide you with a 7-point-plan to ensure a better, positive, rich and meaningful shopping experience for your customers.

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Emanuel Rotter

In his position as Senior Digital Strategy Consultant at CELUM, Emanuel Rotter advises Global Fortune 2000 clients on digital strategies and business models around content and experience. He creates concepts for digital solutions based on CELUM’s technology to help clients unlock their full potential.

Why you should Watch it

Can you afford to ignore even one single customer?

If not, you should focus more on the online shopping experience you offer your customers.

Online shopping experience

This includes all customer interactions with your business. Before, during and after a purchase. Your goal must be to provide customers with a better, positive, rich and meaningful experience each time they engage with you. All down the line, from marketing to the actual buying process.

So far, so good. But:

What part does a DAM play in providing a better shopping experience?

Well, without visuals, product videos, customer reviews, etc., every banner ad is meaningless, influencers can’t post anything about your products, and the most technically advanced online store is worthless. After all, who buys a product today without first looking at the item in detail? Without taking a 360-degree look at the product, zooming in and examining every detail “firsthand”? Maybe even reading testimonials? Without comparison?

How a DAM helps 

A DAM helps you consistently provide an engaging and personalized CX to your customers across all channels. It plays a critical role in delivering an accurate and powerful customer experience. It helps you to efficiently create the right digital media and to deliver it at the right time across all customer touchpoints. Up-to-date. Brand-compliant. Approved. Personalized. Legally compliant.

Your CX strategy is incomplete without a DAM solution.

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