State of Brand Management Tools 2024

Marketing Success with the CELUM Content Supply Chain.

How successful companies use the CELUM CSC management platform for their marketing.

In this online session, Georg Payreder, Team Lead CELUM Customer Experience, and Product Manager Reinhard Eisl talk about how a content supply chain actually works and how it can contribute to a company’s success. They will provide exclusive insights into real customer projects and show in which areas and how internationally operating companies actually use their CELUM Content Supply Chain Management Platform.

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Learn how a leading global steel company not only optimised operational efficiency, but also improved the overall experience for content users.

Discover how an international manufacturer uses the Content Supply Chain not only for traditional marketing materials, but also for the distribution of product content on e-commerce and social media platforms.

For a telecommunications company, the CELUM CSC is ideal because it offers both a simple process for the approval of creative project deliverables and a flexible, integrated solution for the operational management of assets within the content lifecycle. This also makes internal and external collaboration around the creation of content flexible and easy.


Reinhard Eisl

Based on his experience as a digital content creator, Reinhard has developed into an expert in the areas of creative workflows, enterprise content management and product experience over the past 15 years.
Today, he always focuses on the user and is responsible for the CELUM Content product management.

Georg Payreder

Georg started his career at CELUM as a business consultant and project manager for small to large projects, but soon continued to focus on presales and partner success topics in the role of a solution architect. After those exciting years of customer guidance, support and solution sales, he is now leading the technical sales team which concentrates on showcasing the CELUM product ecosphere and helping customers in their digital journey.

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