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Expert talk: A DAM good COMBO

CMS/DXP + CELUM DAM + Marketing Automation
is the perfect combination for marketing & sales strategists

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Simon Schulte

Simon Schulte, Team Leader Marketing Automation & Paid Ads Online Marketing – Digital Experience at adesso, is an online marketing and marketing automation professional who knows all the advantages, opportunities, but also pitfalls in the introduction of CMS and marketing automation projects in companies. He likes to share his experiences and has exciting suggestions regarding the “DAM good combo”.

Sebastian Böttger

Sebastian Böttger, Competence Center Manager for Customer Engagement & E-Commerce at adesso, is a customer experience professional, experienced in the integration and expansion of marketing automation solutions in heterogeneous system landscapes and a proven CELUM expert. He knows what is important for projects around CELUM and will answer all questions around this topic.

Peter Lehre

As a management consultant in the IT industry and as a CIO consultant with international clients for many years, Peter always has his finger on the pulse of the latest developments, trends and technologies. In recent years he worked on digitization, marketing ecosystems and predictive analytics in various industries.

Peter Lehre

About this Talk

Sound familiar?

Marketing routine: Open the stage for customers in an image-rich and attention-grabbing way with websites and portals. Generate sales with online stores.

And with marketing automation, not only driving existing customers to higher conversion, but also generating new leads, evaluating them, scoring them, and turning them into enthusiastic customers thanks to personalization.

Theory can be so delightful – but just how does it all work in practice?

  • How do you manage all the content and assets in one place?
  • How can they be accessed smartly from any system?
  • And how do you optimize, automate and accelerate the processes around customer contact and omnichannel sales

These are exactly the questions adesso experts Simon Schulte and Sebastian Böttger are exploring together with CELUM professional Peter Lehre.
They are of the opinion that there is a DAM good combo for marketing professionals. And that’s what they will discuss in a relaxed expert talk which is closely aligned with these questions and enhanced with real-world practical examples.

Anyone who has had a lot of questions on the subject will get their money’s worth here.

The expert talk is being held in German.

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