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How DANFOSS engineers the future of product asset data management

Unlocking the Power of Product Asset Management: Lessons from Danfoss

Discover how Danfoss, a pioneering Danish manufacturer, efficiently manages and distributes  over 300,000 product assets – including service and user manuals – resulting in astounding 40 million user-interactions with the content in just one month.

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Join us for an exclusive online talk with Mia Rasmussen, Senior Product Owner at Danfoss and Reinhard Eisl, Head of Product Management at CELUM.

Mia will shed light on Danfoss’ product asset strategy, offering insights into how they utilise CELUM as the central management and distribution platform for approved assets.

Learn through selected use cases how to make the most out of your metadata and how to stay in control of your content, even with 45,000 Users in the system.

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About Danfoss

Danfoss A/S is a pioneering Danish manufacturer of climate solutions, drivers, and power solutions, who set out to engineer tomorrow’s world 90 years ago with a visionary mission. Today, Danfoss stands as a global leader, celebrated for delivering innovative and energy-efficient solutions.

Danfoss develops technologies that enable a better, smarter and more efficient future today. In the world’s growing cities, Danfoss solutions help to improve the supply of fresh food and ensure optimal comfort in private, commercial and public buildings. At the same time, Danfoss’ product portfolio helps build energy-efficient infrastructure as well as networked systems and make better use of renewable energy.

Danfoss employs more than 42,000 people in 20 countries and serves customers in more than 100 countries.


Mia Rasmussen

As Senior Product Owner at Danfoss, Mia Rasmussen manages the company’s digital asset management system, the DAM Hub. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that the system adapts seamlessly to Danfoss’ evolving needs, while integrating assets and processes from ongoing business acquisitions.

Reinhard Eisl

Based on his experience as a digital content creator, Reinhard has developed into an expert in the areas of creative workflows, enterprise content management and product experience over the past 15 years.

Today, he always focuses on the user and is responsible for the CELUM product management.

Martin Babry

Martin Babry, CMO at CELUM, is responsible for the global marketing of all products. As an experienced marketer, he knows that content can only develop its full effect if the right experts, processes and tools come together. Otherwise, creating, managing and delivering first-class content can quickly become a mammoth task.

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