State of Brand Management Tools 2024

Efficient Asset Management: The Key to Releasing Creativity

Unlocking Creativity: Digital Asset Mastery Made Easy

Thursday,  23 May 2024, 6:00 pm CEST
A Henry Stewart Webinar powered by CI HUB

Our partner CI HUB will host a webinar with leading agency CIDCOM and CELUM on how to unlock agency efficiency with the right Content Supply Chain Management Platform and connecting software.

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Stephanos Berger, CIDCOM founder and CEO, Jonas Hutterer, Celum Account Manager. Together with Gerd Glaser, CSO from CI HUB, they will discuss how creative agencies can make the most of their Content Supply Chain Management Platform and unlock efficiencies throughout their content creation processes with innovative integrations and workflows.

The topics to be discussed:
• How CIDCOM worked before they changed to a DAM.
• Working with CELUM and the advantages of a DAM for creative agencies.
• How the CI HUB Connector connects CELUM and Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
• How workflows are simplified by using these software integrations


Stephanos Berger

Stephanos is the CEO of CIDCOM, a creative agency based in Vienna he founded 22 years ago. He describes himself as a Brand Engineer & Creative Strategist. Staying in the creative flow is very important and that has meant that he as scaled back the amount of tools the Agency uses to really focus the entire Agency on creativity.

Gerd Glaser

Chief Sales Officer

Jonas Hutterer

Jonas Hutterer joined CELUM in 2023 as CELUM Account Manager and is responsible for supporting existing customers. Jonas has been working in software sales for more than 5 years and has a background in marketing and sales management.

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