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Create campaigns with Dynamics 365 Marketing & CELUM

Utilize CELUM ContentHub as your central content repository

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing into CELUM ContentHub and the benefits for you are the topic of this webinar.

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Martina Saller

Martina Saller, Business Group Lead Dynamics 365 at Microsoft Austria, describes herself as an ambassador for digitization and transformation. Martina Saller is familiar with digital transformation projects from both the customer and the consulting side and has held various management positions in marketing and sales in international companies.

Martina Saller from Microsoft
Patrick Holetzky

Patrick Holetzky

Patrick is a trained developer and consultant for CELUM products at netcare Business Solutions GmbH. He focuses on the areas of digital media and IT and is responsible for several CELUM connectors.

Johanna Schipke

Johanna has been with CELUM for over 8 years and is a Solution Architect & Project Manager responsible for Presales, Partner Enablement and Customer Success. Her wide range of responsibilities also includes the delivery of partner and customer trainings as well as the production of product or training videos and personalized customer demos. She is also responsible for RFPs and customer support.

About this Webinar

Together with our guest speakers Martina Saller from Microsoft and Patrick Holetzky from netcare, we look forward to showing you how quickly you can set up successful campaigns: Swiftly and with ease in your familiar environment in MS Dynamics 365 Marketing. And the best part is that you can choose from all of your company’s shared assets, because CELUM ContentHub is your “single source of truth”. So you always have the latest images or videos in the correct format at your fingertips, plus you’re always safe knowing you’re not using files whose license has expired.

Thanks to the two-way live communication between CELUM ContentHub and MS Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can always see which assets are already in use where and can be sure that all changes are saved in both systems. This means that your company’s marketing assets are always up to date – without the hassle of switching systems.


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