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CELUM is partner at the myview customer day 2021

11. myview Customer Day

Under the motto: “Connect and Grow”, the myview Customer and User Day will explore the question “PIM has come of age – and now what?” on June 17, 2021.
How can product data be fully leveraged? How do different systems, such as DAM and PIM, interact? How can they be used to their full potential for successful omnichannel marketing?

You’ll get answers to these and other questions in keynotes and business cases from various industries. The program is rounded off by a panel discussion and the opportunity to engage in live discussions with the partners.

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Moritz Holtmann

Moritz, Business Development Manager at CELUM, will be available to answer your questions during the partner chat sessions. Of course, you can arrange a longer appointment with Moritz in advance. Please send a short email with your preferred date and topic to
He will confirm the appointment directly.

Moritz Holtmann


13:00 Uhr

“Trends & developments for contemporary product and enterprise data management – PIM, PXM and MDM as drivers of digitalization.”
“Strategy myview and product innovations xmedia & xom”.

14:30 Uhr

Coffee break + partner chat

14:45 Uhr

Best Practice: Digitize and Implement

16:15 Uhr

Coffee break + partner chat

16:30 Uhr

Panel discussion: 
PIM has grown up – now what?

17:00 Uhr

Open talk + partner chat (15 minutes) 

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