Next Level Product Communication with PIM & DAM

PIM and DAM systems are designed for different purposes. However, they can also complement each other. By combining the strengths of the two specialized solutions, you can take your product communication to the next level.

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Julian Richter

Julian Richter, Head of Digital Asset Management Consulting / Services at hoerl Information Management, is responsible for all topics related to DAM. His special focus is on the integration of solutions into existing system landscapes to improve processes in order to reduce financial and time expenditures in sales, marketing and product management.

Peter Mielke headshot

Peter Mielke

Peter Mielke, VP Sales Nordic at CELUM, has been serving customers in the area of content and explicit digital asset management for more than 13 years and leads CELUM’s sales in Northern Germany, the Nordic countries, the USA and Canada.

About this Webinar

“Analyzing your own business processes is the first step towards system-supported data management – lean, fast and geared to individual needs. How to get a firm grip on your product and media data for the future and thus fundamentally optimize your communication – that’s what I’ll explain in our webinar.”
Julian Richter

”The topic of Digitial Asset Management as the actual basis of efficient product communication is often underestimated and neglected in e-commerce. We will clarify in today’s webinar why there is still enormous potential lying dormant here in particular and how they can use this for themselves.”
Peter Mielke


The webinar will be held in GERMAN.


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