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From Create to Excite: The Future of Content Supply Chain Mastery

Get an inside look at celum portals: a guided tour with our product manager   


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Steve Lourdesamy

As Product Manager at CELUM, Steve is responsible for the further development of CELUM products such as Experience.

He began his journey in the software industry as a young founder, exploring his passion for fast-paced, dynamic work environments. This led him to join tourradar as Technical Product Manager before moving to Adverity as Senior Consultant for Data Analytics. Along the way he gained experience in dealing with high growth and complexity which he draws from every day in his work at CELUM and as a Mentor at AustrianStartups.

Britta Pichler

Britta holds the position of product marketing manager and content creator at CELUM. She brings 10 years of marketing experience to the company. She was educated in the United States and holds a business degree in marketing.

Before coming to CELUM Britta contributed articles to several leading publications, including the LA Times and CNN. She worked at such corporations as bwin and at smaller software startups.

Marketers today know that they need to have an omnichannel marketing strategy in place that is personalised for each of their target audiences. But without an agile content supply chain in place, they cannot standardise and streamline tasks, ensuring that they are performed consistently and with a high degree of quality.

Unless they utilise CELUM to create, manage, route and now also excite with their content. Why excite? Because with CELUM’s new functionality, portals, marketers can easily curate the right content to the right audience. And that’s exciting.

In this webinar our product manager will demonstrate how CELUM Portals can help you:

  • Curate content experiences to wow and excite your audiences
  • Define who sees what, from content to metadata
  • Analyse content performance to understand what’s working and what’s not to optimise your audience’s product content exploration experience


Steve and Britta will showcase how easy it is to set up portals by presenting a live demo with practical use cases from everyday marketing scenarios. So, take advantage of the opportunity to ask our experts any questions you might have.

Join us for an engaging session that promises to be informative, insightful, and practical.

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Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

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