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Licenses, access rights, duplicates: Manage stock images efficiently with DAM systems

So many image providers offering so many different licenses – what should companies keep in mind when working with stock images in CELUM?

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Alexander Karst

Alexander Karst has worked in advertising since 1994. In 1998, he switched to the image industry – as Web and PR Manager for PhotoDisc, then for Getty Images. In 2008, together with Michaela Koch, he founded Die Bildbeschaffer GmbH: an agency for image purchasing, research, rights clearance, administration and related services and seminars. Alexander is a lecturer at the BAW in Munich, trains and coaches companies and agencies in dealing with images, image rights and the many facets around images, film and media.

Alexander Karst von Die Bildbeschaffer

Gerd Laski

Gerd Laski, Director Partner Management at CELUM, has decades of experience in the IT and software industry and has supported medium-sized sys-tem houses and large corporations such as T-Systems, IBM, Lenovo and e-Spirit in various management positions. Gerd is a specialist, speaker and book author for digital document management with a special focus on the various forms of print and digital channels.

About this Webinar

In this webinar, we will look at the different licenses of stock image providers – from press images to images for 70 cents: What are the usage rights behind them? What do the agencies allow when an image “migrates” into a DAM system? 

This time, CELUM’s guest is Alexander Karst, co-founder of Bildbeschaffer GmbH from Hamburg, specialized in image purchasing and research, keywording and image workflows. He shows you the way through the jungle of licensing rights, so that you always use the right stock image for you and your company.

At Alexander Karst’s side, Gerd Laski from CELUM gives insights into working with stock images in a DAM system – always based on the points mentioned by Alexander. 

A congenial pair for a crash course in the handling of stock images!


The webinar is held in GERMAN!

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