The topic of this CELUM Exclusive Insights edition is video as a content medium. Video is the top marketing trend of 2022, however, there are still many companies still not using it in their communication channels.

Online and video marketing expert Paul Lanzerstorfer explains how using the right concept, target group-oriented and relevant content and the right execution, will help you to produce videos that really sell.

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Paul Lanzerstorfer

Paul Lanzerstorfer is CEO of the Austrian video marketing agency Pulpmedia, which he founded together with Robert Bogner in 2005. He created a variety of national and international communication strategies for startups, SMEs and corporations, as well as  creative concepts for multiple award-winning online campaigns. Pulpmedia also launched the successful Facebook page “Unnützes Wissen” (Useless Knowledge)  which is the basis for several books with bestseller status.
Paul was born and raised in Austria, later lived partly in the USA and New Zealand, and is now a respected speaker and expert in content marketing and online marketing strategy. 
He is the author of “Above the Noise: How Content Connects People and Brands.”

Headshot Paul Lanzerstorfer_(c)Martina-Siebenhandl
Roman Leeb - CELUM

Roman Leeb

Chief Marketing Officer at CELUM

Exclusive Insights in Video Content Creation

Video content is the 2022 marketing trend, top ranked in every trend barometer, be it content, SEO or social media marketing.

Although video is already at home in many marketing departments, it remains  uncharted territory for many companies. There are too many questions still unanswered, and the supposedly high costs and the great effort involved are a deterrent. Often, however, the attitude “We don’t need it, we definitely won’t reach our B2B customers with videos” is also an obstacle.

In this CELUM Exclusive Insights episode, we want to overcome skepticism towards videos. That’s why we talk to Paul Lanzerstorfer, CEO and founder of Pulmedia, passionate online marketer, speaker and now also book author about – well, yes VIDEOS.

Namely, about videos that have an impact, that stand out from the crowd and that sell. After all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a classic advertising video, a short video for social media, a live video or a recruiting video – the goal is always to achieve the desired result, in other words, to “sell”.

That is what Paul and Roman will be talking about. They will also cover what to pay attention to during the video conception phase, how storytelling plays into it, who can and should then produce a video, and finally, give some  real-life examples really worth mentioning. And of course we all hope to get some great tips from Paul for our next video. 😊.



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