State of Brand Management Tools 2024

Adobe Illustrator

Perfect your assets and designs on CELUM with Adobe Illustrator Plugin.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Developed by Adobe and often a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing package, Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics design software which with generative AI and high precision tools can allow anyone to create brand assets, 3D objects, packaging designs, web graphics, intertwine text with graphics, and more.

With Adobe Illustrator and its comprehensive tools, you can communicate your message in a simple and visually pleasing way. Pair the perfect illustrations to your newsletters, posters, infographics, and more.

Why does this integration make sense?

The CI HUB integration of Adobe Illustrator allows you and your team to access, select, edit, save, and upload assets from CELUM directly on Adobe Illustrator. This streamlines both your workflow and collaboration within your organisation as well as significantly enhances your creative process and time management. This way you can focus on what really matters, which is creating the perfect designs for your content.



With CI HUB integration, everyone in your team can access CELUM assets straight from Adobe Illustrator and view updates happening to the projects in real time.


Eliminate inconvenience and connect your CELUM library to Adobe Illustrator. Search and select CELUM assets on Adobe Illustrator and save them directly to CELUM without leaving Adobe Illustrator. No need to download, upload, or switch between tabs.


Maintain a consistent brand experiences at every touchpoint by using only approved creative assets directly from CELUM.


Drag and drop metadata and assets from CELUM onto your project on Adobe Illustrator.

Add creative content and assets as a new layer on Adobe Illustrator:

Search your entire CELUM library directly from Adobe Illustrator.

Temporarily switch file size to low resolution to improve loading time for editing and switch back to original version once done with editing.

Real-time collaboration with your team, regardless of location and time zone.

See how CELUM seamlessly works with Adobe Illustrator.

Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

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