Bring products to life – Synchronize your product media content from CELUM DAM with your Akeneo PIM

Synchronize product information and structures from Akeneo PIM with CELUM DAM using the CELUM Akeneo connector.

Product information will automatically be mapped down to the product/article level at regular intervals. The selected attributes are written to the asset as it is (automatically or manually) assigned to the product structure, which itself is also kept in sync. This enables searching for assets using product information in CELUM as well.

Product images from CELUM are provided to Akeneo as a URL, binary attribute (e.g. preview) or Akeneo PAM asset. The sync is triggered when product assets are added, changed or deleted.

Perfect customer experience in your web shop

An e-commerce company would like to present their products both in the form of images as well as provide all relevant product information as one unit on their web shop. Thanks to CELUM Akeneo connect, merging the information stored on Akeneo PIM and CELUM DAM is a breeze.

Update assets at any time

In order to provide images, videos, etc., the product manager can assign the assets in CELUM to the structure by drag & drop or via an automated process using the product ID. When adding, changing or deleting a product, synchronization is triggered, ensuring that all product assets are always up-to-date.

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Advantages at a glance

Publication of product information with current images and other assets

Linking of product assets from CELUM DAM with Akeneo PIM

Definable download formats and exports of product assets

Seamless integration of CELUM DAM and Akeneo PIM

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