High-speed availability for online assets

A content delivery network (CDN) helps you with your digitized customer contact and ensures that all assets in the World Wide Web are made quickly available to end customers.

As globalization increases, so does the number of communication channels, volume of content and required currentness of information. In turn, this increases the demands on the technology that provides this content. The specially developed CELUM CDN in combination with the CELUM Digital Asset Management now provides all the functions you need for an efficient and reliable data exchange.

In the CELUM ContentHub you can specify, which assets and media formats are to be provided via the content delivery network and should be synchronized constantly. The CDN, based on Microsoft® AZURE, then resumes the optimized global provisioning of the assets.

Web site visitors benefit from a better performance, as the CELUM CDN increases the availability of assets embedded on the web pages and reduces load times.


In addition to the CELUM ContentHub, which takes on the role of a central content hub for your high-quality assets, the Exporter included in the CELUM CDN package takes over the automated distribution and update of assets in the required media formats.

After the assets have been automatically requested by the CDN, they can be used worldwide. In addition, the CDN-URLs will also be written back into the CELUM ContentHub, allowing other systems such as your PIM or CMS, to access the assets.


  • Full-service package, as the solution, inclusive CDN service, can be obtained from CELUM
  • Integrated 100% with the CELUM ContentHub because of the CELUM Exporter
  • Global provision of static content such as images, videos and documents
  • Asset provision using own domain
  • Secure access to assets via HTTPS
  • Restoring the CDN-URLs to the CELUM ContentHub, which can be used to supply other systems such as PIM, CMS and ERP with these URLs
  • CELUM takes care of the export, the setup in Microsoft® AZURE and the constant monitoring

CELUM CDN was developed by Celum Logo

Advantages at a glance

Assets immediately updated and available

Efficiency and automation via Exporter and Microsoft® AZURE

Ensures high-speed access worldwide

Better performance and user satisfaction for end users on the internet

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