CELUM Connect for SAP® Marketing Cloud™

Empower your brand by enriching product information with multimedia content

Today’s marketers face a user group whose needs, demands and channels change rapidly. In order to address these needs successfully, appealing and consistent corporate communication must be guaranteed across multiple multimedia channels.

CELUM Digital Asset Management integrated into SAP® Marketing Cloud™ is the pivotal element for providing high quality content tailored to the needs of individual target groups.

The automated extraction of content released within the DAM minimises improper use, duplicates, saves valuable time and maximises user satisfaction through the simple and trouble-free use of media content.

Content orchestration

CELUM Connect for SAP® Marketing Cloud™ maxes out the full potential of consistent brand communication. The seamless integration of CELUM assets into the SAP Marketing Content Studio® enables users to work in their familiar interface. Valuable assets can be easily integrated into newsletter templates in the SAP® system.

Powerful derivation of your content

Utilize and place content in any required format. The flexible CELUM Conversion Engine allows on-the-fly conversion tailored to the needs of specific channels.

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Advantages at a glance

Seamless integration with the Content Studio™ in the SAP® Marketing Cloud™

Global distribution through Content Delivery Network

Target-group specific content derivation

Duplicate prevention

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