CELUM CreativeLink by CI HUB

Work creatively and efficiently with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Collaboration with agencies, creatives, prepress and printers can be that easy: Import product images, metadata, and other content directly into the entire Adobe product line.

Simply put together new documents using existing content. With CELUM CreativeLink, you can upload your documents and images directly into CELUM ContentHub with just one click, and without leaving the application. CELUM CreativeLink supports you in your daily creative work and saves you valuable time without annoying intermediate steps such as repeated uploading and downloading of content and versions. At the same time, the use of assets is documented in a comprehensible way.

Single Source of Access

Browse CELUM ContentHub without having to leave Adobe’ tools.

Valuable Content

Transform your assets and their metadata into content and ensure consistency across all channels.

Link your Assets

Manage linked assets within one panel while simplifying the process and saving valuable time.


Access your versions at any time and complete your tasks quickly and easily. 


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Update Function

By automatically updating the documents associated with the asset, your content is always up-to-date.

Indesign Templates

Any changes in your local document are detected and so the affected parts in the original asset can be constantly updated, keeping the server document the most current single source of truth.

Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Access CELUM ContentHub directly in the Adobe product.

Easily update and synchronize content in InDesign.

Direct link to the source in the CELUM ContentHub.

System Requirements

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App, version 4.6 or newer. At least one Adobe CC app (e.g. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) version 2018 or newer. ContentHub 18.12 or newer (with public available SOAP API endpoint). Internet connection for all using end clients.

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