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FirstSpirit on premises

Access all media assets from CELUM content supply chain management platform directly in your FirstSpirit on prime.
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Access all media assets directly in your CMS

CMS and DAM are often running independently of each other. The equation “CMS + DAM = efficiency gain” always applies.

The FirstSpirit On Prime integration links FirstSpirit CMS with CELUM DAM and helps you to achieve better time-to-productivity. Via the usual FirstSpirit CMS interface, the editors have access to the collective media assets in CELUM. This prevents duplicates, provides and overview and streamlines the workflow. In just a few clicks, the media can be checked, selected, adjusted and be inserted into the web pages generated by FirstSpirit. This means that the strengths of both systems remain and web content can be published faster.

The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by .comspace.

use cases

Photographer & project workflow

During an ongoing media project, photographers can upload their images directly to the project folder in CELUM for a limited period of time. The corresponding upload request is generated from CELUM, and project participants have immediate access to the new assets after uploading.

Promotion documentation

Sales representatives document advertising measures with franchise partners on site. Photos are taken via smartphone, provided with the most important metadata (e.g. partner name, advertising campaign, etc.) via the asset uploader and loaded directly into CELUM via the responsive web interface.

Group 84

Central storage of all media assets and direct use in FirstSpirit on prime.

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Fast integration via interfaces

Group 69

Simple operation directly in the FirstSpirit editing system

Group 86

Automatic monitoring of copyright licenses

See how CELUM seamlessly works with FirstSpirit on premises.

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