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The integration is immediately applicable. Developed by APA IT.

Manage all content and assets in one interface – anywhere, anytime

Successful online platforms offer a positive user experience for their visitors.

Texts, images and videos create an overall picture that inspires and convinces. The Gentics connector combines the advantages and strengths of a professional digital asset management with those of a hybrid content management solution. Whether for websites, intranets or mobile apps, with just a few clicks images and videos – in all sizes and formats – can be inserted by CELUM into the content of the Gentics content management platform.

The Gentics connector provides Content Manager with an efficient workflow with a unified user experience – even on mobile devices.

You continue to work in your familiar Gentics environment. Access to your assets in CELUM is seamlessly integrated.

Keep track of all your assets with Gentics connector – optimize your workflow by eliminating duplicates.

Benefit from the powerful combination of the proven software manufacturers.

Gentics CMP and CELUM can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Efficient asset management

PR staff constantly exchange photos in current articles on the website. Finding the corresponding images and the most current versions with CELUM is efficient and easy. The assets are stored centrally, the search is high-performing and the administration is clear.

Performance & Rights

A global jewelry manufacturer manages digital assets from its headquarters. The worldwide distribution network is dependent on fast access at all times. Gentics CMP and CELUM are ideal for precisely controlling access and rights management for a large number of employees.

Consistent workflow

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No more data duplicates

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Stability and high performance

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Individually tailored to customer needs

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Streamlining content creation and management of assets, simplifying online proofing and collaboration, to facilitate a content exploration experience that wows your audiences.

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A platform for global brands to manage their digital content, deliver omnichannel, personalised marketing strategies, and overcome complexity in product assets, audiences, integrations and more.

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Create composable content components and portals.

Online Proofing

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Mobile & Drive App

On-the-go content access with Mobile App. GDPR-compliant file, sync & share with Drive.


100+ applications and extensions accessible via integrations.