The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by Avyre.

Empower your brand by quickly driving rich product media to your customers

The inRiver integration creates the vital link between the world-class product media management offered by CELUM and the essential product information management offered by inRiver Marketing Cloud. Marketing and Creative teams can now create, manage, and efficiently supply products with engaging product data.

Your brand is the heart of your customer experience. CELUM and inRiver combine best-in-breed technologies to accelerate your product media supply chain and drive customer engagement. This integration bridges both systems to allow a seamless flow of information. Tell your brand story better, with the right content at the right time.

Bi-directional sync

The integration creates a real time synchronization of product data and assets. When published, CELUM will keep assets synchronized to inRiver by providing new asset versions. inRiver will keep product data synchronized by feeding CELUM product information back to the assets; allowing CELUM users to view and search product data.

One-click publish

Now publish assets, quickly, with a simple press of a button or automatically as the result of a CELUM workflow. Assets will be delivered to inRiver and automatically linked to the appropriate Product or Item. Immediately know what assets are synced with a simple search or, visually, with an easy to understand status bullet on the asset preview.

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Connect product media with a push of a button

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Simple, easy user experience

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Maintain proper data management

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Bi-directional synchronization of data

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Decrease your time-to-market by enabling product media to easily flow from your Studio, to your Marketers and Creatives, on to your Product Managers, and out to your sales channels without the manual task of moving files between systems.

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The CELUM Marketplace Terms & Conditions apply for this integration.


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