Adobe Commerce by Magento

The project integration is customizable to your specific needs. Developed by eCentral.
Adobe Commerce by Magento Integration


Take advantage of the multiple possibilities of CELUM with the Adobe Commerce platform, powered by Magento. Work successfully and efficiently with the CELUM Asset Picker!

Keep complete control over all content and manage the usage of your assets within your eCommerce solution. Experience the possibilities of digital workflows, streamline processes and save costs and time.

Use a standardized tool within your company to design your Magento appearance professionally and simply, even without prior IT or design knowledge. The uniform user interface offers, with intuitive ease of use, a significant reduction in creation and adaptation times.

With the CELUM Asset Picker you can easily integrate your data into your Adobe Commerce store, powered by Magento.

Merge your DAM and your Adobe Commerce Shop, powered by Magento, and use the uncomplicated merging of content.

Speed up your internal processes and profit from a standardized and optimized workflow.

Central storage of assets in your Adobe Commerce shop system with rights management.

the support Tool For creative users

Let us support you in your daily work. With the CELUM Asset Picker the user accesses quickly and easily to the media within his CELUM Cloud and can comfortably and easily place the desired assets within his Adobe Commerce store, powered by Magento.

outstanding user experience

The CELUM Asset Picker integrates seamlessly into your existing CELUM / Adobe Commerce IT architecture. Create an outstanding user experience in your company and use our channel-specific platform solution to achieve fast and measurable success. Establish an efficient workflow and benefit from a customized connection to your system landscape.


Central storage of assets in your Adobe Commerce store system with rights management


Easy integration of product images and videos into your store system


Quick search for category images and integration with product features

Media asset

Efficient and customized solution for your media asset process

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CELUM Content management

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The CELUM Marketplace Terms & Conditions apply for this integration.


All capabilities of CELUM in one platform with the world’s most powerful DAM.

The team solution if you just need to collect feedback and approve any content.

Content Hub

High-end digital asset management for your content.

Creative Collaboration

Bring tasks, files and teams together in agile workrooms.

Content Workflows

Easily build custom workflows and automate recurring tasks.

Feedback & Approval

Collect feedback and annotate and approve content.

File Sync & Share

Store, access and share files GDPR-compliant and safe.


Access to over one hundred applications and extensions.